Augmented Reality

I made the heirlooms on display at my degree show as a tribute to the talents of my father, mother-in-law and father-in-law, all who have died in recent years. I am inspired by conversation and memories and aimed to produce a conversational piece that will keep the memory of these people and their talents alive.

Each item has has been constructed to appear fragile and delicate, this represents the fragile nature of memory and how it can fade with time. They also included text that tells us something about the person and an augmented reality feature, that links photographs to the item.

If you download the Aurasma app to your smart device, you can access the linked photographs by scanning the ‘trigger’ text above the heirloom and it will display all the linked photographs on your device, which you can click on and view. Once you move away from the ‘trigger’ you can no longer access the photographs.