Creative Embroidery with Suzi Park at Made by Hand

This afternoon’s workshop was creative embroidery and although it was re-visiting the basics of machine embroidery that I have done previously, I found it informative. I especially appreciated the talk on tension, a scary subject at the best of times.

Suzi showed us some examples of techniques we could try to achieve and this was one of my favourites.

Another piece of information I found useful, was noting down the techniques and experiments that you try. If you stumble across an effect you really like, it would be awful if you couldn’t recreate it again!

To round off a great afternoon Suzi demonstrated the principles of appliqué, which is something I have been wanting to experiment with for some time. I only had time to try a very brief example but I will be trying this again very soon. The first photo of a feather, is an example Suzi showed us and the second is my very crude first attempt at a flower.